Ask all care workers to make music a part of the daily care plan

Sometimes the person living with dementia may not be able to ask their care team to make music a part of their daily lives. But this is something you may be able to help with.

Outlined below are some question you could think about asking your care workers:

  • Find out what music is available in the care setting already; when does music happen, how does it happen – what is offered, and who manages the music activity?
  • Can you bring in a CD player or ipad for your loved one / relative? Can a member of staff be supported to use it with your loved one / relative?
  • Who do you need to talk to about your loved one / relative’s musical preferences? Is this the care home manager or a specific member of staff linked to your loved one / relative?
  • Where and how can their preferences be recorded? Can they be included in their care / life plan? i.e. my mother’s favourite song is…
  • What opportunities are there for your loved one / relative to participate in interactive music making?
  • Are there opportunities for you to join your loved one / relative in music making?
  • What information is useful for carers to know about your loved one / relative’s musical preferences? For example, is there particular music they enjoy listening to at certain times of the day, what’s their musical identity and history? Do they still play an instrument(s)? Did they play instruments or sing in choirs when they were younger? Do they love Elvis etc.
  • Are there opportunities for your loved one / relative to participate in new musical experiences – acquiring and maintaining new skills?
  • What involvement is there with the local community through musical activities?
  • How can your loved one / relative’s spiritual needs be met through music making?